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We belief strongly that each person should live with dignity, equality, comfort and independence. We therefore have made as easy as possible to make use of this website by people with disabilities.

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In order to enhance our website accessibility, we have added an accessibility widget to our html source code.

general strives to make sure that online services are accessible to any person including those with disabilities.

widget is making use of the popular Website Accessibility Widget (powered by a dedicated accessibility server).

Third party software allows us to improve its html compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) for desktop users.


The accessibility menu can be activated by clicking the accessibility menu icon (on the corner of the page). The accessibility menu requires your patience to be able to load completely. 


The accessibility of is constantly being improved; it is our professional and moral obligation to deliver the best user experience for any user, including visually impaired visitors.

If certain pages are not fully accessible then this is probably due to technical reasons. is published in two versions: desktop (html) and mobile (AMP/ahtml) version.


Are you having difficulty accessing and reading or do wish to report an accessibility issue? Perhaps you require our assistance? In any case  please feel free to contact us using our secure contact form.

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